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Do You Use Online Videos?


I have a consignment store. And a website.
But it's hard to show what's in our store to unless customers walk in.

I've heard that Videos would improve attracting new customers and showing telling the existing ones.
How hard it would be to have video channel on our site? Is that worth in the first place?

Do you guys use YouTube or something similar?

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Techno Cop Security Solutions     Jan-10
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We do use have product videos and we put those on social media and on our website.
It works as a great marketing tool for us.

Z-axis Marketing, Inc.     Jan-12
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Consider using the live video capability of Facebook. Post a video that allows you to talk about a couple items in the store every day. The real you should host those videos which can be done on a smart phone allowing you to be on camera and to look at all sides of an item you're promoting.




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