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how much Do you respect your employees?


When it comes to choose between your employee and customer, who do you respect most?
What do you do when customers complain about your employees, when you know your employees is right?

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LegalShield     Feb-20
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This is a great question and I have found that personal development has helped me tremendously in this area. It takes practice but practicing your wording makes a huge difference. I once had a client complain about the service she received from one of our attorney's. But after further investigation it wasnt the service she was dissastisfied with, rather it was the response from the opposing party she was dealing with. With careful wording I was able to get her to recognize that she had been serviced the way she had requested.     Feb-21
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Legal Shield,
Thanks for sharing your wonderful story here.

Greatly appreciate it.     Mar-04
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We are fortunate to have everyone that works for us also share in the business
model. Any customer issues arise from one customer having to deal with another
customer. We can help to clear any challenges that arise.

In great Spirits!




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