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Selam Fashion

what's your sales strategy?


We sell fashionable clothing suitable for festivals and events.

Each year, almost every business sees it's sales go up or down.
We have seen our down side in recent times.

Can anyone here suggest me on how to keep my sales constant or upside. :)
I mean do you follow any trusted sales strategies?

I appreciate your help.

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LegalShield     Feb-20
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Decide who your target market is. Then get invovled with groups of people who share the same target market. Example, if I was a lawn maintence company I might want to get involved with a networking group focused on real estate.

Beraten Software Corporation     Feb-21
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Legal Shield has nice summed up.

Pay extra attention to those who spend more and ask them for referrals.
Perhaps you may wanna invest in the right software to collect and analyze your customer purchasing data.

Have you tried any CRM solutions?




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