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Sam's Sparkle Building Maintenance

I'm looking for new clients. Will you refer me anyone?


I clean & wash homes, patios and offices.
Spring is coming and I need to find new clients.

Can you refer me someone?
I'll try my best to refer someone to your business as well.

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LegalShield     Feb-20
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Have you tried asking for referals from your current clients? Are you putting yourself in situatios where you are regularly meeting new people?     Mar-06
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One of the better ways to find leads is to ask referrals from your existing clients.
You can also get few leads by getting engaged in Discussion on Business Forum.

If needed, we recommend that you invite businesses you know, so you can start a social conversation with them on Business Forum.

Sam's Sparkle Building Maintenance     Apr-23
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Thank You Legal Shield -Good tips. I ask for referrals but getting into networking with others on a regular basis is not something I can take time off.

I'm glad, I was able to get few responses here - I'll try coming back to this site more often.




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