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Can Anyone Share Some Networking Tips?

We do attend the morning session at local business groups to get some visibility.
But we always look for more connections and customers.

For those of you who attend networking meetings, what suggestions would you make to your meeting facilitator to increase your interest and the ROI of your investment in the group?
A friend and marketing expert (Jerry Fletcher Z-Axis Marketing Inc.) once told me the back side of a business cared is wasted "real estate" if you don't take advantage of it.
Since we are a free classifieds internet platform, the traditional "networking" groups aren't a fit for us. We engage in a lot of social media connections to market our brand.

One site to connect with others is LinkedIn. Another one is ReferralKey.

In great Spirits!
Urge members of the group to set up one-on-one meetings outside of the regular meeting. The few minutes we have at group face meetings allow us to find people or firms of interest. But that is not enough time to get to know them and develop relationships.
These are all great suggestions.
I like to become active on this site - I also invited my friends so they can learn new things on this Forum.
Sure - networking has good benefits.
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