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Who thinks asbestos is illegal and no longer used or imported into the US?

Who thinks it is still legal to add a substance with no known safe exposure level to products you install in your home and work places?
Based on some US reports, Asbestos were declared as threat to humans and could cause Cancer.
Never sure if people who used or still using as their home roof, fell victim to that.

What do you say RainBownen?
You guys are in business for over 20 years and I wonder if you could educate with your experience.
Here in India, majority of population still living under Asbestos homes and work locations.
We do import and export Security Cameras and other Monitoring equipment - But never had vendor that I knew talked about Asbestos being Illegal in US.

Like Beraten Software is asking, some elaborate explanation from you could help spread the facts.
Many roofing systems installed from 1950's to now use asbestos in one form or another. Currently you can go to the local hardware store and purchase wall texture and joint compound that is used in hanging or repairing sheetrock and it still contains asbestos fibers. Items that are being used to build homes are still using asbestos fibers. Flooring, wall textures, ceiling textures, shingles, glues are all items that are commonly found to contain asbestos. Most of these items are imported from countries with very different environmental regulations.

Roofing systems and panels that contain asbestos are just one of many ways that asbestos fibers are finding their way into our homes. The US EPA, the WHO and all other credible health organizations list asbestos as a known carcinogen with no known safe level of exposure. In the US its removal is highly regulated in schools and commercial space but home owners are on their own.
That's very educative and highly insightful information.
Thanks for sharing.
It's all good info.
There are large number schools and other offices uses Asbestos in the country where I come from.

I also wish more businesses on balyhoos forum start posting these kind of interesting discussions.
Helping and educating each other is the only way we can grow together.
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