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How do you deal with rude or bad customers?

I like my customers. I have to - otherwise there won't be customers for us.
But sometimes, we get bad customers and they try to create bad name for us on Yelp or other online forums.

Have you had similar experience? How did you deal with these kinds of situations?
It 's definitely not a good situation to see bad customers once in a while.
But I believe Customer is not always right.

Yes we love them and we treat them as kings.
But I'll go NO regrets in letting go my customers if they behave rudely without a good reason.

We as business owners, must try our best efforts to turn rude customers into good ones.
After all it's the customer who pays the wages.

But I see the point @TechnoCop was trying to make.
Fortunately we did not have to deal with rude customers yet.

Tips on this forum could come handy nevertheless.

We don't usually have 'rude' clients but in our business (financial life Planning) there must be a 'chemistry ' and without it the relationship will not work. When there isn't a chemistry, luckily not often, we have found better to be honest and tell the client up front.
In our industry, where the "Customer is the King", it's hard to argue with customer.
Fortunately we did not encounter this situation so far. :)
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