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Do You Use Facebook To Target Your Customers?

Changes to Facebook's advertising policies are making it harder for small businesses to stay visible.
This is disappointing for businesses that have a big audience on the platform.

I used to post on Facebook forums but it's so chaotic there.
Someone told me that Facebook Boost AD's could work -I may try that later..

I think I like this Balyhoos Network - as it gives my business some good visibility.
I hope they do grow. :)

We find that Facebook is our least helpful social site to spend time
developing. Twitter and LinkedIn are much more successful.
In great Spirits!
We used to have good flow from facebook customer reach.
But we have not seen real increase in recent times however. Since we are local business, we don't think other social media can help us bring customers to us.

In terms of visibility, I see this forum has some positivity but at this time, not sure how many businesses local to us would join this site.
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