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I created a Facebook page three weeks ago to post pictures about our products and to interact with our costumers. However, I got only just three followers. How can I inform our costumers about our Facebook page?
I think using hashtags # can help
For our various businesses we find that FaceBook is the least effective social media to invest time in. We are having great success with Twitter and LinkedIn.
LiquorList has found that Facebook is the least helpful social media marketing we have tried.

Your business model will determine what works best for you. Local vs. global, face-to-face vs. internet.

In great Spirits!  Thank you for your replay. I noticed that Facebook is for personal relationship not for business and it doesn't work for me. but what about Instagram?  

Thank you. I will not spend more time in Facebook. it's not for me.
For my business, I think is the internet is best solution for me because of that I start looking for social media. In my country, Instagram is more popular, so I will give it a try.
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