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A Peace of Mind Daycare

A Peace of Mind Daycare

613 SW 97TH PL , Seattle, WA
Our philosophy at Peace of Mind Daycare is to understand your children's needs & accept them at whatever level of development they are capable of achieving.

We believe that self esteem is very important during the first few years of children's life.
They need to be nurtured so they can develop a sense of individuality in whoever they are.
We provide an environment for your children & let them explore new & difficult things as well.

We work at establishing a good relationship with each child & maintain an understanding based on respect & trust.

We create a safe environment where kids feel learning is fun & build trust on other children.

Fun learning & Safe Environment

Fun learning & Safe Environment We help children learn to share and get along with others.
We also help them add learn new words to their vocabulary.

Things such as cleaning up after themselves when they get toys out to put them back & use proper table manners are just some of our bonus perks we pass on to your children.

Indoor & Outdoor Play

Indoor & Outdoor Play At Peace of Mind Daycare we have outside play as well as indoor play.

We provide your children with a safe learning environment and help them with learning every step of the way.

A Peace of Mind Daycare strives to have kids kindergarten ready by the time they reach age 5.
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