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Beraten Software Corporation

7110 SW Fir Loop , Portland, OR
Application software is a vital tool for any business, but having a right implementation partner is the most valuable element. At Beraten, we believe your business must be ready for future needs, as well as fit for today. That's why we design and develop flexible solutions to continually meet your changing needs. Our expertise in software development and in-depth industry knowledge ensures that our solution delivers a continual return on your investment.

We thrive on delivering technology solutions and by forming partnerships with our clients through integrity and collective collaboration. The expertise we’ve gained in developing a variety of software applications for our clients gives an incredible ability to accurately assess and deliver to your unique business needs.

Database Development & Programming Services

Database Development & Programming Services - Portland, OR As both, a business focused product development company and a technology based consultancy, we combine our innovative application software with practical experience to deliver a solution that’s exactly right for any business. By integrating the latest technology with conventional software design patterns, we deliver the highest quality applications to the satisfaction of customers and users alike.

You can rely on us to provide you with a solution that is simple, intuitive and relevant to your business or organization. Our skilled resources have a terrific history of providing expert knowledge and developing software applications to both private and public companies. Beraten Software mixes state-of-the-art technology with conventional design patterns to deliver quality applications that our customers can trust. We take pride in designing, developing, and securing top notch software solutions—that’s why previous customers keep coming back.

Positivity - Client Centric Database For Managing Mental Health Records

Helping another human being overcome their emotional, mental, and physical obstacles is the toughest challenge any organization can face when offering behavior health services. It may even be difficult to track treatment progress while trying to improve people's lives.

Introducing Positivity - an EMR system that's designed to assist you with knowing the people you serve and understanding them. You will be able to be there for them from their first initial contact, through deepening your understanding of their life situations, their families, their medical needs, their strengths, their educational skills, and their challenges.

With Positivity your clinic/organization can define the steps needed to address clients' current challenges and to move them forward to meet their goals.

Integro - Juvenile Justice Information System

Integro is based on evidence based practices, a core continuum approach to service delivery, and data-driven treatment to address the needs of youth and families in the court system. Through a structured collaborative process between multi-system teams, Integro can help increase protective factors as well as address risk factors so that youth can reconnect in healthy ways to their communities.

Integro can help your organization benefit from integrated human service delivery model and evidence based practices that:

Focus on integrating all essential agencies into one team that meet weekly for staffing.
Ensure integrated teams are directed by developed protocols implemented with fidelity.
Sponsors data driven decision making connected by a shared services.

Hemaiya - A Data-Driven Solution For Child Welfare & Family Safety

Hemaiya Child Welfare Solution from Beraten can help your organization understand the children you serve. From recording the first information report to creating sophisticated case plans based on Signs of Safety, Hemaiya can help you gain a better understanding of their strengths and their challenges.

With Hemaiya, your organization will be able to work with children and their families to help steer them towards a brighter future.

Hemaiya is built on basic principles:
Identify the problem by creating relationships with child & family.
Create a safety plan with goals and measurable objectives.
Observe patterns by monitoring the progress and help them move forward.