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Chuck Jones Second Opinon

Chuck Jones Second Opinon

7110 SW Fir Loop Suite #240, Portland, OR
My Name is Chuck Jones.

I'm a certified financial planner(CFPR) and expert in investments, insurance, risk management and the financial and tax  implications of Estate Planning.

Over the years I've heard from clients about their fears, distrust and past disappointments with financial advisors.

I believe that people deserve honest answers.  

Today, I do not sell, trade, manage or otherwise represent clients in financial matters. My fee for second opinions is my only payment. I earn nothing in addition. There are no commissions and no hidden charges.

Investing Plans True Cost Analysis

Get investment counseling in Portland. Know what your current plan or a proposed plan really costs you. Too often, the person planning for you gets a commission on the recommendation or continually buys and sells charging fees each time.

Get an investing second opinion from Chuck Jones.
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