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Manifest Jewelery

Manifest Jewelery

1420 state st. , salem, OR
I am a local Gems and Jewelry company.
I mainly wholesale loose gemstones, faceted and Cabochon, to other jewelers.
I am also a silversmith, I make my own finished items as well as wire wraps, as rings, pendents, and earrings.
I have all my items for sale on my website at .
I am studying at GIA for my Gemologist Degree which i am on track to finish by the end of 2018.
I am looking to connect with other jewelry artists looking for stones or potentially a larger company
looking for a colored stone or diamond grader in the future after I have completed my course work.

Gemstone identification and Grading

Gemstone identification and Grading I offer a identification, grading, and valuing services for loose colored stones, rough and cut.
If you have some stones you are not sure the value I can give you an estimate.
I charge depending on how many stones you have to identification and grade.
Minimum rate is 1 hour, @30 per hour, and I take the payment before I start.

Loose gemstones

Loose gemstones You can see many different loose gemstones
under the gemstone category on my website

finished pieces of Jewelry

finished pieces of Jewelry You can see many different finished pieces of Jewelry
under the Pendent, rings, and earrings categories on my website