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Yours Truly Consignment

1052 Harrison Street , Conway, AR
Now 23,000 sq. ft . . . .for all day shopping - We ARE good at Consignment & bringing it to you in a Clean, Organized and Stylish way!! Discover the Difference at You ...
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Sale Change Day @ Yours Truly in Conway. - Be the first in to get your pick of these great Sales!!!
We’ll start the registration for these Awesome Prizes 💗. . The Grand-opening of our new Juniors Dept will be March 9-10 (coupons & money cards given at the checkout ...
Never Organize what you can declutter
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♥️ Time to think about your Valentine & how much she loves to shop ♥️. Spend $50/Get $10 ♥️Buy yours before 2.14.18♥️
come in and save 20% off 2 items
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Just a Sample of the 750 new items we tag and send out each day. . . . . we are "The largest in the South" Open 10-5, Monday - Saturday - Marilyn Monroe shirt, medium ...
and they are incredibly fashionable
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Sale change Starts Today - new items all across the store 25% off & our Clearance Room is full of 50%-85% off items
We intake "All Seasons for Men, Ladies and Teens, All the Time" no storage cost to you. Intake Open 10-5, Monday - Saturday
We have 50,000 reasons to shop Yours Truly right now . . . . Here’s just a small sample of all the FABULOUS we have here for you 🎄 Open 10-5 in Conway
Yours Truly receives no tax credit for items donated. We can provide a print out of all items donated by year and have a blank receipt mailed to you upon request.
Consignor may use sales earnings as store credit & earn an extra 10% on the store credit amount used at the point of sale or request payment at any time in the Intake ...

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