Balyhoos Business Network

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What is Business Page or Business Profile Page?

Your business Profile/Page contains the following information that people can find very useful.

  • Your Business Logo
  • Your Business Name
  • Your Business Adress
  • Your Business Phones & Website
  • Your Business Description (About)
  • Your Business Products or Services or even Menu
  • Photos/Images of your Products or Services or even Menu

Why should I care about having my business profile/page look good?

Today people do research on businesses - online at home & on the go using mobile phones. And they are looking for more than just your business name and address. Balyhoos Business Network makes your online presence a key to your offline business success. 100s of owners setup their business page on Balyhoos Business Network because it's the best alternative to their own website.

As you build your Business Profile, we do our best to help your business found by search engines like Google or Bing.
That means, people who are searching online could find it useful when they visit your business profile.
In addition, other business owners can get to know more about your products and services when you become active on Business & Social Forums.

How long will it take me to make my business profile look great?

Usually not more than 15 minutes.

How Balyhoos Business Network is different from other sites?

There are several FREE benefits provided for you, allowing you to engage, exchange, gaining reputation and receiving referrals.
You can participate in business forums, promote your business, or simply connect with other users.

Your business Logo/Name will appear in the Forum every time you post a new topic. The same happens when you post a comment on a Topic posted by another business owner. This allows more people to see your business, increasing your reputation and brand awareness.

On my business profile, I see Logos of other businesses under 'Tagged By'. What is Tagging?

Tagging is a new concept unique to Balyhoos Business Network. When you Tag, your Logo will begin to appear on that business's profile page, helping you get found by search engines and people online. In other words, people looking at the profiles of businesses you tagged can end up visiting your business profile page too, because your business will be visibly listed under 'Tagged By'. This is why we encourage you to Tag as many businesses as you want, cause it's one of the ways to promote and gain visibility for your business.

Should I be worried about my personal information?

When you register, we collect just your name and your email. We won't ever ask you to enter your personal details.
Also, when you contact other business owners through messaging, they will never see your name or email; they will see only your business Logo/Name.
This is true even when you promote on business/social forums.