The Laughing Mermaid Soap co
The Laughing Mermaid Soap co
68 College St , Asheville, NC
(828) 259-5331

Hand crafted soaps

The Laughing Mermaid has been handcrafting cold process soap for close to 20 years.
We use high-quality ingredients like organic coconut, olive, and fair trade, sustainable palm oil along with luxurious mango and cocoa butters.
You will find them to be gentle and very moisturizing and will enjoy lots of bubbly lather.
Our Coconut Milk soaps have the added benefit of Kaolin Clay.
Coconut Milk is very beneficial in combatting dry skin and providing essential fatty acids which are necessary for hydration.
Kaolin Clay adds a silky and creaminess to the soap along with even more bubbles.
We do our very best to create a product that is visually appealing, smells great and is pleasurable to use for both women and men.
Hand crafted soaps

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