Whats New? Furniture  portland, OR

Whats New? Furniture

439 SE Grand Ave , portland, OR
(503) 235-3454

Family owned & run, locally supported, and we bake cookies every weekend!

For over a decade, we've taken pride in offering premium, locally made, customizable sofas at a fair price, as well as being home to some of the coolest, most unique consigned pieces in town.

We carry authentic mid-century pieces, antiques, contemporary & modern designs, local artwork, niche pieces and so much more


Products  - portland, OR We custom build furniture based on your design preferences, if you decided you made a mistake you can give it back to us to sell on consignment for you.
we have locally made furniture as well just ask for the
"made in Oregon sofas"


Have us sell on your behalf, so you don't have to lift a finger.
We'll help you decide your price range, and won't sell for less.
Get daily foot traffic exposure, plus Craigslist & web listings.*

* We do our best to list all consignment pieces online, but cannot guarantee if or when a piece will be listed.
contracts last for 90 days

Please note that we cannot sell furniture that
has pet hair, stains or odors
comes from a smoking home
shows significant wear & tear