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Hop Time Growlers

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Why is it called a growler? Many have investigated the origin of the name, yet, it still remains a mystery.

The name goes back over 100 years ago. Legend has it that beer was taken home from a local pub in a tin container with a lid.

On the journey, the beer sloshing in the container would create a "growling" sound as C02 escaped through the lid.
Another legend has it that beer would be delivered to factory workers just before that had eaten their lunch. After a hard morning of work, their stomachs where "growling" with hunger when the beer arrived. Wonder how much work they actually got done after lunch?

​Others claim that when bartenders would fill up their patrons tin container, they would fill it half with beer and the rest would be foam. This undoubtedly would cause all of us to "growl."

In any case, experience it all for yourself. Stop by today and get your own personal Hop Time growler and we will help you to discover the perfect craft beer to fill it up with. Plus, we promise to fill it all the way. No foam shenanigans here!

How It Works

How It Works - ​Yorktown, VA Step 1 - Come in and meet Derek, Yorktown's Craft Beer Aficionado.

​Step 2 - Taste and discover a Beer you love, not one you simply tolerate.

Step 3 - Fill Up Your Growler ( Never heard of a growler? See below)

Step 4 - Enjoy it by yourself or or share the love with those you love.

"Nothing is cooler, than that priceless look on your friends face when they fall in love with your beer and ask you what it is and you answer, 'Commonwealth Mano Del Puma."

Todd S. ~ Hampton, Virigina

Hop Time Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

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Discover the wide variety of flavor infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar at Hop Time!

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Gourmet Olive Oil

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