Pincu Pottery bryson city, NC

Pincu Pottery

80 Highway 28 south , bryson city, NC
I am a full-time studio potter and pottery instructor, living and working in beautiful Bryson City, North Carolina, a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
My goal is to make Unique and beautiful pottery that is appropriate for every day and special occasions. My pottery is hand-crafted, either on the potter’s wheel or with slabs of clay (hand built).
My focus is on function, and I strive to make sure my pottery feels comfortable in the hand and functions well. Beyond that basic premise, I try to imbue in my pots my interpretation of the colors and forms I see here in my Western North Carolina home. I chose to use red clay as a symbol of the wonderful red dirt under my feet. (I also chose it because historically it has been the most abundant clay and the clay used for regular folk, as opposed to the porcelain of kings and queens). The dents I sometimes put in my pots reference budding flowers and the undulating landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains. And before I glaze my pots with my unique glaze, formulated through years of research, I paint each like a unique watercolor painting, adding color and form reminiscent of flowers and songbirds and butterflies.