Wixon Jewelers Minneapolis, MN

Wixon Jewelers

9955 Lyndale Ave S , Minneapolis, MN
(952) 881-8862
We don’t have a big timeline to show you, or a rich history of generations past. Wixon Jewelers is a first generation store. We could pretend Dan Wixon’s father was wealthy and loaned money to open a store, but he was the son of a butcher. We could suggest Dan was an Ivy Leaguer who had years of business school, instead, he was drafted and spent his college years as a medic in Vietnam. The truth of the matter is the store was built from what appeared to be simple logic.

An Idea Was Born

Dan had a job as a buyer for an antique and estate dealer. One day it occurred to him that it was a lot easier to haul around antique jewelry and pocket watches than big oak dressers. Thus an idea was born. The idea started small by renting an office space in St. Louis Park. After a few years he found the beautiful building on Lyndale Avenue in Bloomington, MN that we have called Wixon Jewelers since 1988. Dan realized the importance of formal education, so he convinced Hope in the early 1990’s to get her Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA. Armed with street smarts, a graduate degree and lots of hours of hard work, Dan and Hope steadily built the business into the elite store it is today.