Her Soup Kitchen  Iowa City, IO

Her Soup Kitchen

625 S. Dubuque Street , Iowa City, IO
Her Soup Kitchen was established in 2009, we are a family owned restaurant located near the historic train depot. We encourage healthy, seasonal dining without sacrificing taste or inflated prices. We strive to use local, sustainable and seasonal products whenever possible. Situated adjacent to Iowa City's Historic Train Depot, just a short walk from downtown, Her Soup Kitchen provides a refreshing new perspective on everyday cuisine.

Her Soup Kitchen Supports Local and Regional Sourcing From:
Farmer's Henhouse, Kalona, IA
Wasson Produce, Conesville, IA
Rotella Italian Bakery, Omaha, NE
Sprouts Unlimited, Marion, IA
Maytag Bleu Cheese, Amana, IA
Bud's Custom Meats, Riverside, IA
New Pioneer Co-op, Iowa City, IA
Gordy's Goodies, Shellsburg, IA
Ineichen's, Blue Grass, IA
Shullsburg Creamery, Shullsburg, WI