Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist

Juneau, AK

Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes

Posted On: Apr-23-2019
Status: This Job is Closed
$22.81 - $29.09


Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor works independently making decisions related to the rehabilitation process, managing a caseload and providing vocational rehabilitation counseling to clients who experience physical, mental or cognitive disabilities to obtain employment.  Actively participate with TVR team in reviewing, discussing and problem-solving client situations, and plans.  Incumbent will make decisions concerning eligibility, development of individualized plans for employment (IPE), and is actively involved in job development and placement activities.


Reports To: TVR Manager
Supervises: N/A
Liaison To: N/A


 Conducts initial intake interviews with applicants

 Explain vocational rehabilitation programs to clients including eligibility requirements and client rights

 Provide specialized counseling, to include but not limited to assessment of individual needs; diagnosis and treatment planning including recommendations; career (vocational) counseling; referral and service coordination; advocacy with employers; consultation, advice to partner agencies to improve their ability to serve individuals with disabilities and job analysis, development and placement

 Ensure compliance with federal criteria, and determine client eligibility 

 Determines if medical, psychological, or vocational evaluations are needed and makes necessary arrangements

 Evaluate functional and vocational capacities of client, develop IPE 

 Work with employers to develop employment opportunities; arrange for job coaches, if necessary, place client and conduct follow-up

 Authorize expenditure of funds for client services

 Assist client in becoming an active participant in his/her rehabilitation program and aid the client in making meaningful and informed choices about the selection of a vocational goal and other rehabilitation services

 Develop community resources in order to assist clients in achieving their vocational goals

 Travel to rural areas to provide services to clients and promote utilization of community resources and schools

 With the client’s active participation, design and implement an IPE based upon an evaluation of diagnostic information and the needs of the client.  

 Apply information and knowledge of assistive technology and recommend modification in work sites or equipment that will allow the client to perform work tasks



Spending Authority: N/A
Other Authority: N/A      


 Considerable knowledge of vocational rehabilitation principles and practices; techniques of team development and communication; resource utilization; counseling techniques and practices; medical and psychological aspects of disabilities; job development, analysis, and placement.

 Ability to counsel clients in acknowledging disability limitations and barriers, identifying realistic goals, making appropriate vocational choices, and taking advantage of using assistive technology or other resources.  

 Ability to assist, persuade, and motivate clients to make appropriate vocational choices and to take an active role in the attainment of their vocational goals.

 Ability to maintain composure and instigate techniques to immediately calm applicants and clients during stressful situations; ability to communicate effectively with applicants, clients, service providers and employers from diverse sector of society.  

 Ability to manage a full caseload of clients independently; make accurate and empathetic decisions concerning rehabilitation plan development and implementation.

 Ability to use a client data base system, ensuring compliance with federal regulations governing confidentiality, ethics and program services.  

 Ability to work compatibly in a team environment and apply the principles and practices of a self-directed team and individual empowerment; provide training and assistance to lower level staff.

 Knowledge of area and issues specific to Southeast Alaska

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (education, experience, skills)

 A Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation, social services or behavioral science, or a closely related field. 

 One year of paraprofessional or professional experience providing social assistance services to people with disabilities.

 Alaska Driver’s license

Substitution for Bachelors:   

 High School Diploma or GED

 4 years’ experience as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Associate or equivalent may be substituted for the degree requirement on a year for year basis.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (education, experience, skills)

 3 years’ experience of professional level counseling experience with a vocational rehabilitation program.  

 Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certification


The majority of work is performed in a professional office setting and is generally sedentary, requiring routine walking, standing, bending, and carrying of items weighing less than 40 lbs.  Travel on small aircraft or ferry may be required.


 All employment at Tlingit & Haida is “at will”.  This means that the employee or Tlingit & Haida may terminate employment at any time and for any reason. Unless specified in writing, no term of employment is expressed or implied for this position.

 Tlingit & Haida is a no tolerance workplace.  All regular employees may be required to pass a pre-employment and subsequent random drug and alcohol screening to be eligible for and maintain employment.

 Tlingit & Haida requires a criminal background check be conducted on all employees. All employment offers are conditional until federal criminal background check results verify your eligibility to work for Tlingit & Haida.