Full-time - Senior
Hopi, AZ

The Hopi Tribe

Posted On: Aug-01-2018
Status: This Job is Closed


This position is responsible for the protection of targeted clientele who are suspected of, or subjected to physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, neglect, or deemed minors in need of care. The incumbent performs assessments and investigations of semi-difficulty and complexity requiring knowledge and skill in human/public relations, interviewing, case management, applicable tribal, state and federal ordinances, codes, laws, regulations and policies & procedures. The work includes various duties involving different and unrelated processes and methods. Decisions regarding what needs to be done depend upon the analysis of the subject, phase or issues involved in each assignment and the chosen course of action may have to be selected from many alternatives. The work requires making quick assessments of the level of trauma or danger in a given domestic situation and the ability to make quick decisions.


(The following examples of duties are intended to be illustrative only and are not intended to be all inclusive or restrictive.)

1. Receives reports, makes initial assessments, conducts investigations with the assistance of law enforcement personnel, if necessary; provides social services to abused or neglected children and their families, and performs other related duties.

2. Assess the case/situation determining the safety needs of the child(ren) involved, i.e., removal from the home, placement in a shelter, etc.; recommendations may also be made to the presenting officer for further Court action as provided in the Hopi Children’s Code.

3. Handles or arranges emergency placement of minors upon a determination that protective custody is necessary.

4. Conducts informal conferences or adjustment hearing with the minor child(ren) and families concerning care complaints, discuss and explains to the minor(s) and parents guardian or custodian, the meaning and condition of protective custody and supervision, and also advise them of their rights to have legal counsel present at subsequent hearings.

5. Provides technical assistance to the Hopi village/clan leaders when they choose to assume original jurisdiction over a minor from their village that is a minor in need of care.

6. Works directly with other non-CPS Social Workers by effectively and efficiently transitioning CPS cases to child welfare services when CPS intervention is completed and the minor(s) is declared a ward of the Court and under the supervisory custody of the social service program.

7. Provides on-call services for CPS, Child Referrals, and Burial Assistance on a rotating basis after regular work hours, including weekends and holidays.

8. Presents the minor(s) interests in proceedings as allowed or required under child protective services.

9. Performs other duties as assigned and authorized to meet office goals and objectives.


Contacts are with employees within/outside the immediate work area, law enforcement personnel, Tribal & Federal Court personnel, Tribal Prosecutor, Federal Attorneys, local school personnel, and the general public. The purpose of these contacts is to exchange factual information, coordinate work efforts and establish a network of resources/services


The work is performed in a standard social services agency office, client’s homes, community setting, and courtrooms. The workload is demanding to require work beyond the normal eight (8) hour schedule, evenings, weekends, and holidays and is subject to 24-hour on-call scheduling. The incumbent is subject to great psychological stress and pressure due to the nature of the work with potential risks present when performing investigative work or entering a violent situation. Extensive travel on and off the reservation is necessary.


1. Required Education, Training and Experience:

A. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Criminal Justice or closely related discipline;


B. Experience: One (1) year work experience in a social service agency, law enforcement or judicial field which includes casework with individuals, children, families and foster care programs;


C. Any equivalent combination of Education, Training, and Experience, which demonstrates the ability to perform the duties of the position

2. Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

A. Knowledge:

  •  Working knowledge of the principles, policies & procedures, codes, laws and Ordinances 35 – The Hopi Children’s Code
  •  Knowledge of standardized and generally accepted child protective services practices
  •  Knowledge of philosophy, principles and practices and ethics of social work
  •  Knowledge of juvenile justice
  • Knowledge of the symptoms and/or behaviors of abused and/or neglected children as well as juvenile delinquency

B. Skills:

  • Verbal and written communications skills to compose technical, narrative and statistical reports and communicate with children and families
  • Excellent human/public relations skills
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining good rapport with children and families
  • Good investigative techniques and research skills
  • Skill in interpreting laws, ordinances, codes, and policies accurately and on a consistent basis

C. Abilities:

  •  Ability to apply appropriate codes, laws or statues
  •  Ability to communicate effectively with people
  •  Ability to engage in objective decision-making
  •  Ability to cope with stress
  •  Ability to maintain strict confidentiality
  • Ability to establish and maintain professional working relationships with others


1. Must complete & pass the pre-employment screening (includes a fingerprint and background investigation) in accordance
with Hopi Tribal Policy.

2. Must possess a valid Arizona driver’s license and satisfactorily pass the Hopi Tribe’s Defensive Driving Course.

3. Must have no felony convictions.


1. Speak and understand the Hopi language to translate Hopi to English and vice-versa.