Telecommunicator (multiple positions) - Public Safety

Full-time - Junior
Cherokee, NC

Eastern band of Cherokee Indians

Posted On: Aug-24-2018
Status: This Job is Closed
Pay Grade 7: $31,078-$38,848 Per Year

Primary Function:  The Telecommunicator is part of a team making up the central location for Tribal Emergency Communications.  The center's main function is to be a central answering point for emergency response/assistance and to provide information to the proper responding emergency entities, depending on the type of emergency or assistance needed.  They are to operated CAD (computer-aided dispatch), use a two-way radio to disseminate information over the air, and provide an air of support for the emergency responders.  These functions and all others are completed in a timely and efficient manner with professionalism at the forefront.  In many instances, the Telecommunicator must communicate with the media, out of town persons and other responders assisting the Tribal Emergency entities.  In the event of a catastrophe or man-made disaster, the Telecommunicator must remain calm and off concise information to its emergency personnel.


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