Detention Officer, Detention Services CIPD - Public Safety

Full-time - Junior
Cherokee, NC

Eastern band of Cherokee Indians

Posted On: Aug-24-2018
Status: This Job is Closed
Pay Grade 7: $31,078-$38,848 Per Year

Primary Function:   Reports to and receives assignments, instructions, and directions from Detention Sergeants, Jail Administrator, Captain, and Police Chief.  Reads pass-on information from logs and other pertinent information received during briefing prior to the beginning of shift.  Observes and monitors jail inmates for compliance with the rules and regulations of the facility in compliance with all state, federal, and tribal laws, rules and regulations.  Take appropriate action to deter and report any behavior that is in violation of the policies and procedures  During the supervision of inmates in  their cell, work assignment, meals, recreation or any other supervision of inmates the officer will maintain control in a professional and consistent manner in compliance all policies and rules as established.  Officers will be required to book offenders, prepare logs, maintain records of jail activities, operate control room, and  complete other duties as assigned.


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